What are your shop hours?

12-8, 7 days


Where are you located?

711 W. Beverley St. Staunton Va 24401


Do you offer body piercing?



If I am under 18, can I get tattooed?



Do I need an appointment, or can i just walk-in?

Either way.  Appointments must be made in person and require a 60$ deposit.


what is your shop minimum?



Do you only accept cash?

We accept cards, but prefer cash.  

Do You do cover-ups?

Almost every day.  


Do you allow children?



are there any kinds of tattoos you will not do?

Yes. All tattoos are done at our discretion and we may advise you that your idea is not tattoo compatible or may not stand the test of time.


What if i cannot make my appointment?

Notify us within 24 hours of your appointment time and we can reschedule you. No-Shows, No-Calls, and late calls forfeit deposit.


How do you price tattoos?

The price of a tattoo is based on the time it will take, the difficulty of the design, and the difficulty of the placement of said design.  The difficulty of the client may also be figured into the price.


How do i take care of my Tattoo?

- Leave bandage for at least two hour

-Wash gently with a mild soap and HOT water

-Keep a THIN coat of AQUAPHOR (available at any drugstore) massaged into tattoo 3 times a day for 2 weeks

- Do not swim or soak (showers are good)

- No extended sun exposure

- If necessary to rebandage, use clean cotton to allow breathing

- If at any point in the healing process the tattoo should stick to fabric - DO NOT rip the fabric away from the tattoo. Soak in

  hot water until the fabric let's go. A hot wash cloth works well

- Do not scratch or pick at your new tattoo

- Some people will switch to a gentle lotion after the first few days